Crane arrives

What a difference a couple of months makes! After breaking ground in February, we have now completed our “Geopier®” work, which prepared the site to support three structures. Developed as an alternative to over-excavating, pilings or deep foundations, the Geopier system is a faster, more efficient way to make sure soil is stable and can support construction without causing problems with settling later. For more information on how it works, click here.

Now that the ground is ready, a tower crane has been erected on the site where it will stay for the next 10 months while the three structures that comprise the Market Expansion go up – a three-story retail building, seven-story hotel and seven-story apartment building. The first focus of construction is the Gordon Lofts apartments. Work on footings and forms for the building’s foundation is starting this week.

In keeping with the Market Expansion’s emphasis on the arts, some of the panels covering the construction fencing along Oak Street have been left intentionally blank to encourage community art. Call it sanctioned graffiti. It didn’t take long for some artists to find the spot and start creating! It’s a bit of an experiment but so far so good. If you’re in the neighborhood, check it out and try your hand.